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A Tour to Metro


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Embryologist placing culture dish inside the incubator which is maintained at 37°C and with 5% CO2. This is the optimum condition for the growth of embryo
Embryologists working in the IVF laboratory
Embryologist seaching for the cumulus-oocyte-complex under stereomicroscope.
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Embryo freezing is performed
Oocyte pick up performed in IVF operation theatre. Embryologist in adjacent lab ever ready to receive the oocytes
Happy nurses and happy patient in labour room
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Infertility talk, organized by Metro IVF
Metro IVF team with the first set of Shared Care IVF Programme babies born in October 2008
Little Yogesh's parents chose to celebrate his one year old  birthday with staffs of Metro IVF
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Our first twin IVF babies born in 2004
Metro IVF team, the quintuplets and their mother. The mother conceived with quintuplets pregnancy after underwent infertility treatment and delivered five healthy babies in 2001. The quintuplets are now 8 years old
Pristine, our first IVF baby born in 2000