In the beginning, use the Rhythm Method. It’s natural, free and convenient. No pill, no plastic and no rubber. And it’s environmental friendly. Use the SafeDate Calculator and get your safe dates.

When you are settled, and you heard your mother-in-law cried “Why take so long?”. Use o Fertility Calculator for efficiency and precision. And he only needs to work 4 days in a month. 

Finally you strike. You are pregnant. Use EDD Calculator to get your expected date of delivery.


To get your safe period

Each menstrual cycles have several days at the beginning that are safe (pre-ovulatory infertility), a period of unsafe (fertility), and then several days just before the next menstruation that are safe (post-ovulatory infertility). The first day of menstrual bleeding is considered day one of the menstrual cycle. To use these methods, a woman is required to know the length of her menstrual cycles. During the unsafe period, an alternative contraceptive method can be used.

If you strictly followed the rhythm method it has a low failure rate in the vacinity of 2%. If it is not strictly followed the failure rate can increase up to 20%. Failure rate is increased if a woman's cycle is irregular.


To get your fertile period

This method is only applicable to those ladies who have regular 24 to 33 days menstrual cycle. It is based on the assumption that the egg's capability to be fertilized lasts for only 24 hours (1 day) after it is released from the ovary and the sperm's capability to fertilize the egg lasts for only 72 hours (3 days) after deposited in the vagina.

For example, ovulation (releasing of the mature egg) occurs between Day 12 and Day 15 of a regular 28 days menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs on Day 14, if the sperms are deposited into vagina 2 days prior (14-2), they still be viable to fertilise the egg. The egg that is ovulated on Day 14 can survive for 24 hours and still can be fertilised on Day 15. In this case, Day 12 to Day 15 is the fertile period.


To get your Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)

A normal pregnancy lasts 280 days. EDD is the expected date of delivery based on a pregnancy of 280 days. However, most of the baby are delivered between 38 weeks and 41 weeks. So, you should get everything ready and prepared 2 weeks before your EDD.