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UPSR and PMR High Achievers 2007

A good number of children delivered in Hospital Wanita Metro have achieved good academic results. In recognition of their hard work and to motivate them to do well in their study, we were giving out UPSR and PMR achievements award to these children. Below is the list of high arhievers 2008.

UPSR 2006
PMR 2006
Ang CP
Choo YJ
Chew CB
Chua PX
Chong SM
Eng JC
Chua SY
Goh AL
Gan JS
Goh AW
Lee GT
Kee JF
Lee JM
Keu JR
Leow YS
Kho HC
Lim JY
Kho QW
Lim SE
Law ZY
Liow SH
Lee HM
P'ng YT
Lee JC
Tan KY
Lee JP
Tee JL
Lee SH
Timothy Chan
Lian WY
Yeoh LS
Lim CW
Yew SG
Lim HS
Lim SL
Lim SY
Lim SM
Lim YK
Loy SJ
Mak CW
Mok ZC
Ong WZ
Pang YY
Tan HY
Tan ST
Tan YC
Tee KX
Teh ZW
Wong LY
Wong L
Yeo WZ
Yew CF
Yong KY